Tuesday, March 3, 2009


At our last meeting for Fear, we discussed the idea of a main character sitting center, stagnant, in fear of moving, the fear of life. This fear of life is explored through fears of death. This "character" is tricked, manipulated, persuaded to engage in tangible and abstract activities which all eventually lead to his demise. We want these fears to be planted in our own experiences and imagined dreads; the fears we overcome to prevent ourselves from hiding in a hole in seclusion. We thought a good way to approach this to vary experiences was to first find outlines for fears of death. I had talked about the idea that all fears lead to the fear of death. We thought this was a good beginning point to generate stories. So I pose that in the comments of this post that anyone can create what I will now refer to as Fearisms. Fearisms are kind of like syllogisms that lead all fears to death. I acknowledge that these are purely based on opinion and that one fear may lead to another fear in one person's case but not in another. This is also with the knowledge that fear of death, in itself, may actually stem from another fear, perhaps of the unknown, or fear of hell, or fear of their own transgressions. So to start it off here is one that I worked out:

Fear Of Success

Is the Fear of Maintaining Success

Is the fear of losing personal freedom to overwhelming responsibility

Is the fear of loss of time to pursue non-profit activities that make you happy

Is the fear of the finitude of our time.

Is the fear of Death


pbsebastian said...

Fear of commitment
Is the fear of choice
Is the fear of lost possibilities
Is the fear of losing the best possibility
Is the fear of finality
Is the fear of death

Doc Holladay said...

Fear of the unknown/unidentified
is the fear of lack of knowledge
is the fear of powerlessness
is the fear of inefficacy
is the fear of being forgotten
is the fear of temporality
is the fear of death

unamed showparty ensemble said...

Fear of bad newspaper headlines, Mayan numbers, climate change, loss of polar magnetism, and/or large objects hurtling from space at mindbending speeds:

is the fear of global catastrophe
is the fear of that which is beyond control
is the fear of the loss of control
is the fear of being defenseless
is the fear of not being able to prevent the end of this existence
is the fear of there not being another existence
is the fear of non-being
is the fear of death

Shions_Glasses said...

The Fear of others
is the fear of judgment
is the fear of rejection
is the fear of loss
is the fear of being alone
is the fear of having nothing
is the fear of being nothing
is the fear of death

The Fool Machine Collective said...

The Fear of Stepping on the Cracks in the sidewalk
Is the Fear of breaking a pattern
Is the Fear of disorder
Is the Fear of losing control
Is the Fear of the non-existence of meaning in a random universe
Is the Fear of having no purpose
Is the fear of being nothing in a world of nothing
and a non-thing is as if dead.

Vanessa said...

fear of small town life.
fear of marriage in small town.
fear of family in small town.
fear of predictable life trajectory.
is the fear of lack of distraction from thoughts of death. (one day after the other)
a clear and readily foreseeable line of action to death.