Thursday, May 22, 2008

capsula mundi

I luh-HUUUUUUVE this idea for an alterna-coffin. (I never thought I'd type that sentence.) Seriously, if I didn't think cremation was pretty much the way to go, I'd totes do this:

The Capsula Mundi is an egg-shaped container made of bioplastic. The body of the deceased rests in a fetal position within this capsule, which gets planted in the earth like a bulb. A shallow circular depression is dug above the capsule to symbolize the presence of the body, in the center of which a tree is planted. Over time, the groups of burial sites become a sacred memorial grove. (via Inhabitat.)

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Anonymous said...

I love this, its perfect because we return to the earth, it's biodegradable, and there's no need for taking up 6 feet of space in a cemetery when we can all create a park or maybe even a forest over time. I'm only 19 and I know I want this for my death. Better than releasing chemicals in the cremation chaber you know?
I wonder how much they cost...