Wednesday, April 22, 2009

By the Void!

I’ve come to think that fear of death is nothing more than a biological mechanism that evolved to keep us alive. None of us has any recollection of the situation before birth. I have yet to meet anybody who feels traumatized by the state of affairs before they came to exist. If existence is far superior to non-existence, we should have negative reactions to non-existence regardless of whether it occurs before or after our lives.

Which brings me to a question: would you prefer to die tomorrow or never have existed?

This is from the blog Philosophy of the Void. I love the word void. This concept interested me when it was brought up in rehearsal. That there is nothing to fear of non-existence, that the time before you are born should be the same as after you are dead. It all seems a little too simple, but still interesting, and not the common way of viewing life.


The Fool Machine Collective said...

Are you calling our rehearsals "Class!" Well... if it gets you to do the work, then yes... Class. I am really intrigued with the challenge of trying to create nothing into something into nothing in the face of our show being an endless cycle. I am not sure this makes it easier or harder.

Shions_Glasses said...

Oops, I still think I'm in school sometimes. Defining myself as a student has been hard to change. But isn't everyone part of world's classroom or something hokey like that. ;) (it looks like a wink)