Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Luke's fearism as silent film in one act

Fear of the unknown/unidentified
is the fear of lack of knowledge
is the fear of powerlessness

is the fear of inefficacy

is the fear of being forgotten
is the fear of temporality
is the fear of death

interior, victorian parlor.

everything is lace and candles. in the center of the room is a circular table, draped in white. on the table sits a box. a black box. it absorbs the light around it. one might even say it exudes darkness. in a high-backed chair in the corner of the room sits a man. there is one door in the room. it is closed.

the man rises from the chair with precision. he strides towards the table with purpose. he stops short. stares at the box. he is making a decision. he continues towards the table, moving more slowly. he cannot make himself move closer. he does not know why.

the man moves around the room. he collects burning candles from various surfaces and places them around the edge of the table. the box remains unchanged. it does not move. it does not brighten. it remains.

the man begins to panic. his eyes, shifting, focus on the door. he runs to it. his hand pauses on the knob. he could open it. but they will not let him out. they will not let him out until he opens the box. the man returns to his chair.

he stares at the box. the candles are going out. no one is coming. he cannot see. slowly, the man dies.

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The Fool Machine Collective said...

I love the use of the candles. The idea of trying to create an object that steals light it great also. This made me think of a section where the center figure moves by light of candle and the group works as a unit to blow our and relight candles to some kind of rhythm as we move about.