Thursday, December 27, 2007

D'une jeune fille...

(Inspired by Dina's recounting of a visit to a cemetery) - I visited Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris with my aunt some five-odd years ago. Interesting thing - my aunt doesn't speak a lick of English, and it turns out that the best place to visit when you can't communicate verbally is a cemetery.

So, in search of an image of my favorite statue, which I could not find, I found this image. Simple, as if this was the opening to a story, as if there is something else behind the tombstone besides a dead body. Amusement ride maybe? Old film in sepia tones? Water-puppetry? What if graves and tombs were meant to be opened and explored, and they contained dioramas or random objects or books or anything that the families conspire, and the bodies were cremated and done away with. It would make more sense, seeing that graves and tombs, dedications and statues are really for the living. Please, can my grave be a trunk of dress-up clothes?

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