Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mort Couture

Wanna go out in style? Are you a material girl (or boy) who is worried about how you are going to die in a material world? Have we got a body basket for you! Presenting the design award-winning Cocoon by the German company Uono. Sleek, eco-friendly (it's made of a soybean resin), and available in 14 colours.

But don't listen to me talk about, here's what the makers have to say:

The model COCOON combines aesthetics and functional simplicity. Its organic shape reminds us of a timeless sculpture. As cocoon the coffin symbolizes a feeling of security and care as well as the crossing to something transcendental. The individual making of every COCOON enables a high degree of perfection which is expressed through the high-gloss finished varnish, the extendable handles of stainless steel and the noble lining.

A "noble lining?" Anyway, for more: August 2006 New York Times article about Uono.


Kurt Chiang said...

I wonder if they got the name from the motion picture about elderly people who are given eternal life by aliens, featuring that guy in the diabetes commericials (aka, Anthony's dad).

Anonymous said...