Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mort Couture

Wanna go out in style? Are you a material girl (or boy) who is worried about how you are going to die in a material world? Have we got a body basket for you! Presenting the design award-winning Cocoon by the German company Uono. Sleek, eco-friendly (it's made of a soybean resin), and available in 14 colours.

But don't listen to me talk about, here's what the makers have to say:

The model COCOON combines aesthetics and functional simplicity. Its organic shape reminds us of a timeless sculpture. As cocoon the coffin symbolizes a feeling of security and care as well as the crossing to something transcendental. The individual making of every COCOON enables a high degree of perfection which is expressed through the high-gloss finished varnish, the extendable handles of stainless steel and the noble lining.

A "noble lining?" Anyway, for more: August 2006 New York Times article about Uono.


Kurt Chiang said...

I wonder if they got the name from the motion picture about elderly people who are given eternal life by aliens, featuring that guy in the diabetes commericials (aka, Anthony's dad).

J Pierson said...