Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Dance of Death, Meets the Midnight Wanderings of an Educated Zombie

So, life is a little bit like death for me these days. I don't see the sun because of my odd sleep schedule. In my waking hours I go to meetings, and then I come home and watch videos on super string theory, relativity, chaos theory, and then I read books on death. I fear this isn't so healthy, mostly because of the weird sleep schedule. I barely see people. So this strange thing happened to me Sunday night/Monday morning. I went to sleep around 5am (which is normal lately) and I could not wake up until 6pm Monday night (13 hours asleep) I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was pale, and I had the largest black circles I had ever seen around a pair of eyes. I called in sick for a meeting and tried to go back to sleep. The idea was to try to sleep until around 5am Tuesday so that I could begin a new day with sun in it, to try and switch my schedule around, and perhaps go to bed at midnight or 1am and wake up around 9 or 10 more like normalish people, so that I could see the sun, shop, see friends, my sister, my mom, anyone. But I woke up at midnight, and now my plan is to wander the streets and my apartment, sorting through books and putting them on shelves, reading about death and Gothic literature and perhaps learn to play banjo, and then not got to bed until Midnight. (24 hours awake after sleeping for 17 hours.) We'll see. Anyway... I began searching the internet for classic Gothic texts, and I fell upon a prose book with woodcuts by Hans Holbein called The Dance Of Death. I was searching for interesting texts about death but what I found most impressive were the woodcuts. I am posting one here, but please check them all out. They are cartoony, frightening, beautiful and kind of remind me of a morbid "Where's Waldo."
The Dance Of Death

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