Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sex and Death

Something a little lighthearted. Regarding sex. And death.

"Sometimes I wonder why it is we die.

Near as I can figure it has to do with Sex. It is the sword and sheath we live and die by: We're dying for it and because of it. The arithmetic of divisible resources of time and space leave us finite answers. Whether causal, casual or coincidental, sex and death are difficult twins. They nearly rhyme. Both leave you wide-eyed, blinking back your disbelief, out of breath, fumbling for a cigarette and something to say. Both bring you face-to-face with your maker. Both are horizontal mysteries. Both make you think you should have spent more time on your knees. Both are over before you know it. Both are biblical. Read the first few chapters. You can try this at home."

- Thomas Lynch, "Bodies in Motion and at Rest"

By the way, when I looked up images of "death and sex" on google, a lot of mugshots and pictures of horses came up. Um. No mi gusta.

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