Monday, January 28, 2008

Yet another meeting

So there was some confusion with the meeting last night, Sunday the 27th. I canceled it and then rescheduled it for a later time in the night. So... many people missed it, but we still had a productive meeting. I am still going to hold a meeting on Sunday February 3rd (Superbowl Sunday I'm told). We can just meet at the theater at 9pm. And perhaps we will stay there and have some cheap drinks that we can buy at the corner liquor store. This meeting will be for anybody who wants to attend but specifically for people who missed the last meeting. We will be reviewing what we went over last sunday and hopefully this will lead to new conversations. Please rsvp in the comments if you want to attend.



Dinabear said...

Heya, sorry I missed last Sunday. This Sunday I cannot attend either: my best friend's mother just died so I will be spending the evening with her, it's the first chance I'll get to see her. Sorry.

pbsebastian said...

Sorry I missed the last meeting. I had no idea that it was back on. Anyhow, considering that I don't have any Superbowl plans I can make the meeting this Sunday!

Tanya said...

I will be there. See you all Sunday!